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America’s Truest Independence Day

Fireworks party

It is Independence Day in America. Many friends and family will be gathering today to watch the July 4th fireworks. It is best to have this date fall on a Monday this year. All banks and government agencies are closed today. It is a good time of year to picnic or barbeque. It is usually hot weather in America to enjoy the outdoors. It is …

Natalie Wood Essence

Natalie Wood Perfume

Natalie Wood is a Hollywood legend actress that left us way too soon.  Her passing in the 1980s still has her fans morning her loss.  She was a child actress that graced audiences with her elegant and classy presence in every film.  Natalie took most pride being a mother to her two daughters; Natasha Gregson Wagner and Courtney Wagner, who have created a signature perfume …

Adopted Children Perceptions Run Deep


There are parents that desperately want children included in their family. There are married couples that do not usually consider their union as being a family without having a baby, yet this is the furthest thing from the truth. Adopting a child is a not as difficult as it seems, if pursuing an older kid.  Most adoptive parents want to get a baby, so they …

Telephone Psychic Readings

Businesswoman use her mobile phone outdoor in a small village - instagram style natural shot

Psychic readings can be a quick fix to revealing emotional and/or mental discomfort. Mostly women use psychic hotlines, yet the men that call are usually successful business men, according to statistics. Women that are going through challenges find that an accurate intuitive perception can be a healing experience. There are many readers that claim to be gifted, because of the financial benefits involved. A talented …

We Are Not Created Equal – DNA Matters

Abstract light background with DNA chain. Vector illustration.

Americans think that the Constitution reads that people have equal rights, but this is far from the truth.  It seems that the rich always get richer and the poor always gets poorer and we question; Why?  There are many factors for this taking place in the world.  There are many secrets kept from the public to be able to run a scam on people ignorant …

Unknown Marilyn Monroe History


In the 90s, there was a news article reporting that Marilyn Monroe was the biological daughter of Howard Hughes, the wealthy aviation inventor and movie mogul during the 40s. Paramount was developing a script for a movie based on this unknown fact. The producers decided not to make the movie, because Marilyn and Howard had a sexual relationship. But them retracting the production on these …

Frances Bean Cobain or Corgan?

Francis Bean Cobain-Corgan

It has been recently reported in the last few years that Billy Corgan and Courtney Love have been lovers, long before her marriage to Kurt Cobain. Billy Corgan spoke of his relationship with Courtney Love as her co-writer of ‘Hole’ songs on the Howard Stern show. And, Courtney Love mentioned her flying to meet up with Billy Corgan of the ‘Smashing Pumpkins,’ but Billy was …

Gay Parenting

Neil Patrick Harris & Boyfriend
arriving at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 30th Anniversary Gala
MOCA Grand Avenue
Los Angeles,  CA
November 14, 2009
©2009 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

With the advent of national legalization of gay marriage in the United States, gay couples have become increasingly interested in adopting and raising children. The gay couples can opt for a surrogate mother if they are male and can receive sperm donation if they are female so that the children are effectively natural children. There is a tremendous difference between children being raised by biological …