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The Robin Zodiac Show; Sundays 12pm-PST/3pm-EST

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The Robin Zodiac Show is on Blog Talk Radio, Sunday, between 3-4pm-EST, 12pm in California. Call-In at 11:45am-PST/2:45pm-EST: 1-657-383-1845 – 1 Question and Dial: Robin Zodiac at her hotline number to schedule a private and personal psychic reading; 1-8ps-ych-IQue Famous Celebrity Psychic; Robin Zodiac will conduct her ‘LIVE’ Sunday ‘CALL-IN’ show on Blog Talk Radio, between 3pm-4pm-EST instead of iHeart podcasts. WATCH: Psy-Chic Lifestyle (Full TV Show)   …

Psy Chic Lifestyle (New Age News)


We are exiting Libra in a few days, but only a moon fire signs have appeared in star gazing days.  Robin Zodiac does a Wednesday nights at 10:30pm-EST television show in Manhattan and can streaming on channel 3. It is a New Age News program that includes the mood of Ophiuchus.  She follow the tradition Georgian calendar to discuss ‘Heavens Horoscopes.’ This is the running …

Bare and Colorful Dress this Season

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Bright bold solid colored dresses are this summer’s trend.  Off the shoulders and bare collar bone is the sexy in the feminine flow of today’s dresses.  Orange, red and yellow appeared from dark regal colors from the near past.  This colorful fabrics are a pleasant surprise this summer. The current look is inspired from the late 60s or early 70s with go-go hemlines and baby …

“Psy Chic Lifestyle” Reality TV Series

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Manhattan Neighborhood Network is proud to announce the ‘Psy Chic Lifestyle’ reality television and ‘live’ stream programming, every Wednesday; 7:30pm-PST/10:30pm-EST for a 30 minute show on Channel 3 for Spirituality. Liz Pressman is a Sugar Hill, N.Y. resident and Robin Zodiac lives in Los Angeles and filming on webcams and iPhones to edit together with plot lines and music video segments with recording artist; Cortney …

Robin Zodiac on Official Business

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Robin Zodiac is traveling to India.  She leaves in Monday, February 20th and returning March 7th.  Robin is seeking a higher level of spirituality in a place that she is held in high regards as a psychic reader and/or teacher.  Robin Zodiac is flying through Hong Kong and spending a day there on the way and a day on the way back home.  Robin will be …

2017 Mercury Retrograde


Today is the day that Mercury comes out of retrograde and goes direct, but it does take a few days for the energy to return to normal.  Mercury rules the mind and thinking and it is said this tiny planet spins backwards, but it actually orbits slower.  This is the best time of year to plan vacations and create ideas, but not put towards efforts …

Telephone Psychic Readings

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Psychic readings can be a quick fix to revealing emotional and/or mental discomfort. Mostly women use psychic hotlines, yet the men that call are usually successful business men, according to statistics. Women that are going through challenges find that an accurate intuitive perception can be a healing experience. There are many readers that claim to be gifted, because of the financial benefits involved. A talented …

Psy Chic Lifestyle

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Happy New Year 2016! Excited about You Signing Up and Enjoying the Interactive features!! We are looking forward to having new friends and followers commenting, posting, giving their reviews and getting to know each other…along with buying and selling or hanging out and playing games.