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Wall Street has A ‘Fearless Girl’

Fearless Girl Statute with Placker

On the International Women’s Day, the Boston State Street Advisors has commissioned an artist to erect the ‘Fearless Girl’ statute in front of Arturo Di Modica charging bull.  The Sicilian artist of the charging bull says, “That’s an advertising trick.”  Well, Wall Street is the trick.  Wall Street is in Lower Manhattan, New York City.  Actually, 14 Wall Street, because it was the Dutch that …

Social Media and Lover Selfies

Couple Selfie

Robin Zodiac gets allot of clients calling with concerns of selfies posted on social media.  Either, it is their love interest seen in photographed with another person of the opposite sex or the logged date details of their whereabouts in question of their honesty telling their lover of another story.  The picture dates are usually logged on the ‘what’s app,’ when user save it to …

United Kingdom Exiting EU


It is a tragedy that Oxfam representative and ‘key contact’ of ‘Save the Children’ non-profit charity, Jo Cox was brutally killed on Thursday, June 16, 2016 (6-16-16) as MP leaving a meeting. It is very doubtful that Jo Cox would have encouraged the exit of the EU, but today’s media propaganda took advantage to present these actions for intimidation purposes. Politicians know that leaving the …