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America’s Truest Independence Day

Fireworks party

It is Independence Day in America. Many friends and family will be gathering today to watch the July 4th fireworks. It is best to have this date fall on a Monday this year. All banks and government agencies are closed today. It is a good time of year to picnic or barbeque. It is usually hot weather in America to enjoy the outdoors. It is …

Fall of the World’s Power


After the release of the Panama Papers, the mainstream media being both the Associated Press and Reuters combined is the United Press, Inc. have been doing their best to down play the severity of this discovery. These organizations are included in the worldwide crimes of governments against humanity. This sad state of affairs is catching up with them, especially these last few weeks. This month …

Horoscope Signs of Candidates for President

hillary clinton

The election is 5 months away, yet the Presidential candidates are elbowing their way to the finish line with twitter wars and insults. It appears surreal that these adults acting as kids fighting a school yard. America does need a change, yet will the United States get it with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  The ‘Commander in Chief’ leads the military branches with assistance from …