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Governor Jerry Brown is Not King

Jerry Brown arriving at the Producer's Guild Awards, at the Palladium in Los Angeles, CA on 
January 24, 2009
©2008 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

Governor Jerry Brown has just signed a 14 cents tax per gallon of gas at the pump for Californian drivers.  It seems that Jerry is ruling California as king.  It is surprising that Governor Brown can just go to the House of Representatives and pass a tax law on something that was not voted on by Brown’s constituents.  But, Governor Brown’s leadership is unlawful and …

Panama Papers Reveal Blood Money Profiteers

Bearers are carrying a coffin out of a mourning car

There has been previous blogs written on the DC Metrorail that did not take place, because the Panama Papers were released. The Panama Papers were exposed by a ‘John Doe’ and it has been said that he or she was not seeking personal gain and was not affiliated to the CIA. (Yet, other whistleblowers that have gotten in legal trouble for their actions believe otherwise.) It …

Future President Joe Biden in 2017

It has been predicted that the United States of America’s next Commander and Chief is going to be President Joe Biden. When watching the Netflix series, “House of Cards” it clearly points out the Vice President stepping into office. It has bits of similarities of Hillary Clinton in the show’s character of Heather Dunbar. (Dumb B.A.R. or Done B.A.R.; Attorney) Frankly speaking of character ‘President …