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Stone’s SNOWDEN Movie Meltdown


There is a Booz Allen Hamilton consultant that had said that ‘every genius is mentally ill, but not every mentally ill person is a genius.’ This is the case in Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ movie. It is amazing that a film was made out of nothing. Stone does give the audience clues that Edward Snowden is full of it, but continues down the path of trying …

MK Ultra in Our Minds, Even if Rogue


Jerry E. Smith passed years ago, but his books and radio interviews still prove that he was light years ahead of his time. Jerry published books on the HAARP, the sacred lance, John F. Kennedy assassination and he was extremely knowledgeable of the MK-Ultra mind control that still exists in today’s society. These experiences are said to be designed by the CIA to create operatives …

Brangelina Will Never Divorce

Mr & Mrs Jolie

Brad Pitt is rumored to be a CIA operative and Angelina Jolie is bred from German royalty, so this means they can never divorce. Hollywood’s first CIA movie was ‘Spy Games’ that happened to be released days after the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and neighboring New York building and the missile attacks on both the Pentagon and the airplane over Pennsylvania. …