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The Robin Zodiac Show is on Blog Talk Radio, Friday, between 10-11pm-EST, 7pm in California. Call-In at 6:45pm-PST/9:45pm-EST: 1-657-383-1845 – 1 Question and Dail: Robin Zodiac at her hotline number to schedule a private and personal psychic reading; 1-8ps-ych-IQue Famous Celebrity Psychic; Robin Zodiac will conduct her ‘LIVE’ Friday night ‘CALL-IN’ show on Blog Talk Radio, between 10pm-11pm-EST instead of iHeart podcasts. WATCH: Psy-Chic Lifestyle (Full TV Show) …

Mark Zuckerberg Creates Fake News

SAN FRANCISCO JUNE 30 : Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Marched With 700 Facebook Employees In San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade on June 30 2013

China does not want Facebook for the simple reason of having to divulge their birthdays. Fakebook is a scam that millions of people are unaware of when setting up their social media accounts. It is common knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea in college. He did settle a lawsuit with his classmates for a fraction. Mark Zuckerberg is a liar and a thief and …