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Valentine’s Day Digging Debt Dates

Hearts hanging on a line against couple having fun on beach

It is “‘Saint’ Valentine’s Day,’” which is a day to send a card or message to loved ones.  This celebrated love day actually originates from pagan rituals, which is the beliefs stemming from the grassroots of all religions.  Valentine’s Day is the Lupercalia Eve relating to the fertility Roma festival in exchanging over a billion cards, during this time of year.  The action of sending …

Panama Papers Reveal Blood Money Profiteers

Bearers are carrying a coffin out of a mourning car

There has been previous blogs written on the DC Metrorail that did not take place, because the Panama Papers were released. The Panama Papers were exposed by a ‘John Doe’ and it has been said that he or she was not seeking personal gain and was not affiliated to the CIA. (Yet, other whistleblowers that have gotten in legal trouble for their actions believe otherwise.) It …

Marijuana Money

Marijuana Money

In December of 2015, Congress ended the federal ban of medical marijuana. It is not common knowledge that hemp was one of America’s profitable commodities before prohibition. It is said that the DuPont family squashed the freedom of growing and producing hemp items for the sake of their synthetic industry of polyester clothing and the manufacturing of paper from trees instead. Since, the states of …