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Golden Globe Presents Jengelina

Golden Globe Presenters blog

It has been announced that both exes of William ‘Brad’ Pitt will be presenting Golden Globes at the Award ceremony on Sunday, January 7, 2018.  The big question is Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie be speaking to Brad on camera, or will Billy not show up for this Hollywood event? Americans are so obsessed with celebrity gossip, where the British find this to be ridiculous …

Land Sharks Have Landed

A tough muscular shark character sports mascot attacking with a punch

Homo-Capensis is another species that lives in the center of the earth.  Homo-Capensis’ are also known as Lizard people or shapeshifters according to the conspiracies on the net.  It appears that the net was possibly the technology to take-down these carnivores, before they come above ground to live among Homo-Sapiens or worse; to try to procreate to sterilize both populations.  Homo-Capensis’ live to be 2,000 …