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2016 Christmas Holiday in Africa

overall aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa

It has been 6 years since Robin Zodiac has traveled to Cape Town, South Africa.  The climate is similar to Southern California, but December and January are windy times of the year. She began regular Christmas trips traveling on 2 to 3 flights for two days to reach the ‘Motherland’ in 2000. The jet lag usually takes 10 hours to recover from being 10 hours …

Traveling with Your Lover

Travel tourist couple traveling in New York reading guide book standing with SLR camera at sunset on Manhattan with yellow taxi cab in the background. Happy young multiracial couple on summer holidays

Thinking about heading in a romantic traveling trip with your lover? It may be a perfect way to bond, know each other better and spend a few days just the two of you. These types of trips can be great for a relationship as a couple. Don’t know yet how to tell him about the journey or how to plan it? Here are some pieces …