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Dusters are the New Vests

Sheer Duster Fashion Show

The spring and summer fashion has introduced dusters to be worn over shorts and skirts.  The 1970s has been a big influence in the last years.  Vests were a fashion staple during a colorful time of fashion 4 decades ago.  Today the duster is seen as a chic style to wear over solid colors in sheer fabrics.  The most desired dusters are floral sheer material to add the 1920s …

What to Expect For The Color Of 2016

Inside the modern closet 3d rendering

Why does color matter to us? It may sound asinine, but the question has merit. Why does it matter? Why does one color make us feel at peace while another makes us uneasy? Or upset? Simply put: we’re wired to receive and react to colors. While we feel happy, most of us want to be around the colors that signify happiness: blue skies, white clouds, …