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Millennial Men Hex Tie Fashion

Hex Tie

It is 2016 and it seems there is a new fashion item for men. The ‘Hex Tie’ is a modern accessory for metrosexual style. Enrique Alejandro Peral holds these patent pending products. Each polymer tie is hand crafted and unique. These neckties range from $400 to $2,600, which depends on the material used or the metal and is very much like fine jewelry for male …

Classic Fashion Versus Trendy Fashion

Lisa Kudrow
at the Chanel and P.S. Arts Party. Chanel Beverly Hills Boutique, Beverly Hills, CA. 09-20-07

It is an argument as old as clothes themselves, classic timeless styles or cutting edge trendy clothes. We all want to look our best when we step out the front door however, depending on the event or venue involved, we need to consider the how we look to others involved. Those who are in the classic corner will tell you that it is the only …