Millennial Men Hex Tie Fashion

Hex Tie

It is 2016 and it seems there is a new fashion item for men. The ‘Hex Tie’ is a modern accessory for metrosexual style. Enrique Alejandro Peral holds these patent pending products. Each polymer tie is hand crafted and unique. These neckties range from $400 to $2,600, which depends on the material used or the metal and is very much like fine jewelry for male …

Psychic Reading Relief

A psychic reading store fron t in Manhattan.

Psychic readings are provided as entertainment, yet most take the advice as seriously as gospel or it is set in stone and unchangeable predictions. It has been said that a psychic reading is a quick fix of transforming psychologically a state of mind. A psychic reading should fill the client up with hope and strengthening their faith. Yet if, there is something that needs to …

Alarming Reports of Angelina Jolie’s Health

Part of woman body suffering anorexia nervosa

One of the biggest Hollywood stars is screaming for more attention as she is whithering away from extreme weight loss. Angelina Jolie has been known to have mental problems by statements made by her own father in the press. It was reported, before her engagement to Brad Pitt that she suffered from a heroin addiction and encouraged to go to rehab. She seems to appear …

Classic Fashion Versus Trendy Fashion

Lisa Kudrow
at the Chanel and P.S. Arts Party. Chanel Beverly Hills Boutique, Beverly Hills, CA. 09-20-07

It is an argument as old as clothes themselves, classic timeless styles or cutting edge trendy clothes. We all want to look our best when we step out the front door however, depending on the event or venue involved, we need to consider the how we look to others involved. Those who are in the classic corner will tell you that it is the only …

Getting Attached To A Charity Can Help

LOS ANGELES - JUL 24:  Donald Trump, Holly Robinson Peete, & Rodney Peete arrives at  the 12th Annual HollyRod Foundation DesignCare Event at Ron BurkleÕs Green Acres Estate on July24, 2010 in Beverly Hills, CA

Numerous little organizations take the chance to get included in their neighborhood group and give back. Philanthropies and foundations are continually searching for financing to perform their objectives, and giving can be truly gainful for your business. Additionally, your organization’s prosperity doesn’t simply incorporate the one element of your diligent work. It likewise incorporates all the steadfast clients who could be a piece of neighborhood …

Marijuana Money

Marijuana Money

In December of 2015, Congress ended the federal ban of medical marijuana. It is not common knowledge that hemp was one of America’s profitable commodities before prohibition. It is said that the DuPont family squashed the freedom of growing and producing hemp items for the sake of their synthetic industry of polyester clothing and the manufacturing of paper from trees instead. Since, the states of …

Suggested Healthy Dieting Habits

Fresh Lemon Tea in Transparent Cup with Ginger,Pollen and Garlic on Wooden Background.Natural Cold Remedy

Making green tea part of your daily diet is part of caring for yourself. It is loaded with antioxidants, which inhibits the production of free radicals that damage cells or molecules in the body. Green tea improves brain functions and makes you smarter having amino acid L-theanine to cross barriers in the bloodstream. Green tea is also an anti-anxiety remedy. People claim drinking green tea …

An Art in itself – Your sense of Fashion

LOS ANGELES - JAN 5:  Bryan Cranston arrives at the 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala  at Palm Springs Convention Center on January 5, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA

You have just been invited to a dinner by your boss. You are looking to stand out in a crowd. You have your eye on someone special. But how do you plan to make that pivotal first impression that will be the deciding factor in your relationship with the person you aim to impress. How and what do you do to make that statement; to …

4 Tips When Traveling Internationally

Paris by night

Traveling internationally is a bit different than simply getting in your car and driving to the next city. You must carefully plan your trip, so you don’t get stuck at the last minute because you forgot to do something. There are many travel plans you need to do, but crossing one or two off your list each day will soon have you prepared for your …

Dita Von Teese Credited with Bringing Burlesque to Mainstream

Dita Von Teese
"Breaking Bad" Premiere Screening
Sony Picutres Studio
Culver City, CA
January 15, 2008
©2008 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

In the past, burlesque entertainment was confined to gentlemen’s clubs. This was until Dita Von Teese made it onto the scene. She presented burlesque, in a unique, classy style. Suddenly, burlesque dance was enjoyed by men and women of all ages, and at classy venues. Today, burlesque has even invaded the geek realm, with shows encompassing Star Wars and Star Trek. Dita was born Heather …